When you tell us what you want – we do our best to listen

This week we added 5 things to make your job a little easier… and each of these ideas came from our customers.  Here they are… and of course, we have to count-down to #1

5) Notes from Tithely will show as a note on the contribution record within Faith Teams.  If someone enters a note when giving through Tithely, the note will show on the contribution record in Faith Teams.

4) We’ve added an option for Envelope Numbers – Some churches use envelope numbers (instead of names – to keep giving more discreet) for offerings that come in an envelope on Sundays, for example.   You can now add an envelope number to your People – and search by the envelope number when you are adding the contribution in Faith Teams.

3) Batch Contributions can be sorted!  By default, the first contribution will sort to the top, but click the “ID” column  to reverse the sort, and now your most recent entries are at the top.

2) Contribution Statements can print either summary or include the detail for each individual contribution if desired.  By default, the “show detail” checkbox is checked when setting the statement criteria, but you can uncheck this box and show just the summary by fund.

And Finally….

1) You can now create multiple events from a template.  You can choose to repeat an event into the future and choose the end-date for your events.  Create an entire year (or more) of recurring services & events.  You can still connect to Google Calendar and drive your calendar from there as well.


Thanks to all our customers who offered these great suggestions!  We really do want to listen and make Faith Teams the best it can be.

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