5 Reasons Faith Teams is a great alternative to Planning Center for your Church

Faith Teams is an amazing alternative to Planning Center Online.  Here are 5 reasons Faith Teams why.



1. Faith Teams pricing is more affordable and much easier to understand

Faith Teams pricing is simple:  It’s $40/month.  It includes all of our features, and we don’t change the price because of which features you use, and how much, or how many users need to login to use the system.

Faith Teams Pricing

Faith Teams Pricing

Planning Center Online has a pricing structure which not only charges you extra to add on additional features, but as you add users or when you need to go from a low number of check-ins, or event registrations or even donations the costs also increase.

These prices are from August 6, 2018:

Small Church

Small Church

Medium Church

Medium Church

Large Church

Large Church














This model makes no sense to us.  It will force you into doing what so many churches do all the time and cut corners.  So many churches are not able use the features, or simply not track all of the involvement in this critical, system of record church management software system just to save money.  That’s not a good idea at all. We want you to involve as many volunteers as possible, create as many donation and service opportunities, check-in as many children as you can possibly reach without having to make a decision to shortchange best practices just to save money.

2. Faith Teams is simpler for your Volunteers

This one is huge.  We made some strategic decisions that will make it easier for you to get more people involved, and get them to respond to the volunteer notifications.

Your volunteers do not need an account, and they don’t need to download an app in order to volunteer.  All you need is their mobile number and/or email.  They will get their requests, and can confirm or decline easily.  It’s simple to invite 5 or 50 or as many as you need to serve.  And your response rate will be higher.

Volunteer gets a notification request, and he or she can tap the link to confirm or decline.  It’s that easy.

Volunteer Request - SMS Volunteer Confirm

For the worship/service plan, there is also a option to email the service plan to the team members.  This further simplifies communications and makes sure everybody who needs to see the plan will receive it, even if they don’t take the time to login and view it.

There IS a powerful mobile and web app that all users can access.  So invite as many of your team members and volunteers to participate as needed.  And those who have a stronger need to login and collaborate more closely (worship leaders, service coordinators, band members, etc.) can focus on creating the plan, and Faith Teams makes it easier to distribute the plan.

Faith Teams is a simpler tool and more effective for volunteer planning.

3. Faith Teams is easier to use for those who manage the service

Faith Teams is available as both a web and mobile app on iOS and Android through the respective app stores.  And it is INCREDIBLY SIMPLE to use.  To invite volunteers, click on the service plan and add your volunteers.  Send an individual notification.  Send a team notification.  Setup a full month of volunteers and set options for scheduled notifications and reminders.  We start by making the entry point simple:  just click the notify button to notify.  You can grow into richer features as needed, but you don’t have to worry about layers of options to get people involved.

We have streamlined the process for making it easy for you to get people involved and volunteer in your church.  And isn’t that what you want?

  • Team leaders can get notifications when the volunteers accept or decline
  • You can see when people are “over-booked” or double-booked for an event/service
  • Make changes “on the fly”
  • Don’t worry about how many volunteers or users you need – there are no fees per user or person

4. Service Planning is streamlined

The Service Planning feature is streamlined, and very simple to use.  The goals are collaboration, ease of use and adoption.  We believe Faith Teams avoids the overly complex by making the service planning feature simple and intuitive.  So no complicated or difficult to learn interface.  Just an intuitive planning tool you can master in a few minutes that will enable your church to be prepared for every service and event in your future.

  • Add Documents
  • Add Songs – direct integrations into Youtube, iTunes.  Upload song files like pdf, doc, licensed mp3 files or images.
  • Make notes on lighting & audio
  • Add headers/dividers to give visual cues to your plan
  • Sort and re-order easily
  • The mobile app is simple and STABLE
Faith Teams Service Planning - Web

Faith Teams Service Planning – Web

Faith Teams Service Planning - Mobile App

5. Faith Teams support is amazing

Our support and response times are very good.  We have 3 ways to reach support:  Email, Phone and a messenger tool built right into the web application.  We respond to more than 82% of questions in under 10 minutes.  If we can’t get to you immediately, we will definitely be in touch very quickly:  within the day, or the next if it’s after hours.


Faith Teams is not just a tool that your church can use for planning:  it is THE tool your church should use for service planning & volunteers.  Consider that there are no additional “modules” or “components” to buy into, and this is the top reason we would love to sign up with Faith Teams.


If your church is looking for a Church Management Software system to help with volunteers, service planning, digital giving, text-to-give, mobile giving and if you and if you are looking for church texting, email and engagement features , make sure to sign up for a free trial of Faith Teams.  It is a powerful, simple and well priced service for your church.



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