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The team @Faith Teams is so happy to be able to offer a complete digital giving platform for your church

We have 5 ways that people can give to your church

Faith Teams Mobile Free App

 Faith Teams Mobile Free App

  1. Faith Teams Mobile – Existing users can give or new users can download the app, create an account and give.
  2. Text-to-Give – You get a dedicated SMS number at no additional cost where people can donate quickly via text message.
  3. Website – A dedicated giving form that has your brand and funds can be easily added to your website or the link shared.
  4. Kiosk – You can place a kiosk/tablet in a public area and people can donate without creating an account.
  5. Public Forms – You can create custom signup and event forms, and add payment options to the form.  These forms can be emailed, shared on social media and placed on your website.


Our pricing is very competitive, and there are no monthly or setup fees for Faith Teams Giving:

  • No Monthly Fee
  • No Setup Fee
  • 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction
  • 1% ACH + 30¢
  • AMEX 3.5% + 30¢ per transaction
  • Includes Text-To-Give Phone Number
  • Donor can “Cover the Fees”
  • Reporting and Statements included at no cost
  • No Contracts

Setting up Faith Teams Giving

You can get your church setup for giving in around 5 minutes and start taking donations right away.

Some information about your organization, account holder and deposit account is required:

Church Name, Federal Tax ID (EIN), Account Holder Name, Personal Identifier (SSN), Date of Birth, Bank Account and Routing number.  Remember, this information, including the sensitive PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is not stored within Faith Teams, and it will not be visible to anybody once the information is entered into the system.  Our processor (Stripe) runs a background check to check for illegal activity.  Faith Teams is only for churches and non-profit faith-based use.


When you signup, you will be able to activate a local long-code (10-digit phone number) dedicated to your church.  You can even set the code word for giving such as “Give” or “Gift” or even use the Spanish word “Ofrenda”

After setting up the user account the donor can donate in 2 easy steps:

  1. For example:  Text “Give $100”
  2. Confirm with response text for the fund:  “1”

It’s that Easy!  Here’s a brochure on setting up giving, and how to communicate with donors to support your church with their generosity.


Faith Teams Mobile App

Our existing free mobile app is now updated to allow you to give directly to your church.


Existing users:  If you are an existing user, just make sure you update to the latest version from the iOS App Store or the Google Play store.  You will now see a “Give” button right on the main screen after logging in.

New Users:  Even if you do not have a giving account, you can create one instantly by tapping the “I need an Account” button on the mobile app.  Enter your information, and we will send you an email to activate the account and you can give to your church.  Subsequent gifts will take 15-30 seconds.

To Give from the Mobile App

  • Tap Give on the Home Screen
  • Create a 4-digit PIN to secure your sessions (remember this PIN – you can always set it on the Mobile App under Profile)
  • When the Giving Page opens enter you PIN
  • Click Add Card – The first time you do this, you will need to agree to the Terms of Service to continue
  • Add your payment information and Save – You may add multiple payment methods, and save any as the default
  • If you add a bank account (for ACH gifts) we will deposit 2 micro-deposits into the bank account.  This may take a few days, but once they appear you can enter them into the space provided next to the bank account setup to confirm your account.  You may then use your bank account as a donation source.
  • Choose the amount you wish to give – you may even add multiple gifts in a single donation
  • Cover the Fees – You may cover the fees by adding to your gift


Faith Teams Mobile Free App

After setting up the user account the donor can donate in 2 easy steps:

  1. For example:  Text “Give $100”
  2. Confirm with response text for the fund:  “1”

It’s that Easy!  Here’s a brochure on setting up giving, and how to communicate with donors to support your church with their generosity.

Website – Kiosk – Public Form


In addition to Text-to-Give and Mobile Giving we have 3 more ways you can enable giving:

  • Website
  • Kiosk / Tablet
  • Public Forms

We provide the code for you to embed a giving button, link or embed the giving form directly on your Website.  Put a button on your website that opens the giving app, allows users to create accounts, sign in, update payment and give.  Your logo, church . name and location are shown on the form along with the funds you have activated.  Donors will instantly recognize your church, and will be able to support your church with their gift.  You can also share a link on social media, or in an email to your giving form.

Place a Kiosk or Tablet in your lobby where people can donate one-time gifts without creating an account.  It’s an opportunity for people who may not have cash or check, but love the support their church.

Finally, users of Faith Teams Church Management Platform you can create a Public Form.  This will allow you to customize a signup form for an event, conference or retreat and take in payment.  You can brand these with a banner, and manage all payment and signup activities.


We take data and privacy concerns very seriously.  Our platform is secure.  We do not maintain any of the credit card data on our system and our processor (Stripe) is a PCI Level 1 service provider – the most stringent level of certification available.  Your donors can give knowing that their information is being handled with care.


Sign up for Faith Teams Giving

If you have not signed your church up, create your account now (this link is for the church administrator).  It takes just a moment to activate, and you can starting using Faith Teams Giving today!


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