September 2018

With the passing of Labor Day, the Summer is unofficially over.  We hope yours was great.  We also took some time to enjoy the season, but we’ve also made some major upgrades to our platform.  Take a look below for the details:

Faith Teams Giving

The biggest update we made to our system was Faith Teams Giving.  If you haven’t read it yet, take a look at our update here.  It’s easy to set up and makes it EASY for people to your church.

There are 5-ways-to-give and we have made it extremely easy for people to donate to your church.

Service Planning

We’ve made a few updates to our Service Planning feature:

Multiple Service Planning Templates

You can now apply any saved Service Planning Template to any service/event.

From the Service Plan for the event, select “Load Template” and we will display any template which you have saved.  Click the one to apply to the event, and confirm and it will add all of the items to your service plan.

Now when you have a special service, and you want to copy an existing template – it’s easy,  and you don’t have to start from scratch!

Multiple Service Templates

Choose from Multiple Service Planning Templates

Songs List Options

When you are adding songs to a Service Plan, you can now list by title, most recently used, least recently used, most used or least used.

This allows your worship leader to quickly see which songs have been used recently, or the frequency and build a better worship set.  You may love that new favorite song… but you don’t want to sing it every week, do you?  Then again, maybe you do.


Songs - Sorting Options

Songs – List By Options

Public Forms

You’ve always been able to create your own Public Form for an event or guest signup, and even accept payment.  We’ve added several new fields that are directly mapped to a person profile.   Now when people are added through a custom form, certain information can be automatically added from their Public Form

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Address (includes street, city, state, postal)
  • Mobile Phone – New!
  • Home Phone – New!
  • Birthdate – New!

In addition, there is also a new checkbox under the “Settings” for a Public Form called Update People.  When this checkbox is checked then if a match is found on First Name, Last Name and Email then the person’s profile will be updated when the form is submitted.  In this way, your church can have individuals keep their demographic information updated in the case of address, mobile & home phone or birthdate changes.

Public Forms - Custom Fields

Public Forms – Custom Fields


Online Funds Visibility

When people donate to your church, you have various funds:  maybe a Tithing, Offering, Missions, Building or whatever funds you choose to set up.  Now you can set both the visibility of the funds for internal use (when adding manual contributions) and you can set the visibility of funds through the online giving channels such as Faith Teams Giving.

Internal and Online Funds Visibility

Internal and Online Funds Visibility

That’s it for now.  We are constantly updating the system to make it even easier and add the features that will help your church.


If you haven’t signed up for a Faith Teams trial make sure to do that here by clicking here.  You can get a fully-unlocked trial of our system, get our full support and no payment information is needed for your trial.

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