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Send Automatic Guest Emails and Text messages

Within the last few weeks, we launched a new feature which will really help you to follow up with every person who comes to your church.  When someone is checked in for the first time, 2nd time or any visit number you want to target, you can have an automated Email or Text message sent to them any day and time of the week you choose.

If someone visits your Sunday Worship service, you can follow up with a friendly email on Monday at 11am.  You can then follow up on Friday afternoon @4pm with a text message that is personal, and from a local area code number that is unique and assigned to your church.  This is included in your Faith Teams subscription.  No extra cost.  No maintaining of another platform, list of people or subscription costs.  Simple.  Great value.  Most of all, it will leave a great impression on your guest and make sure that nobody slips through the cracks.

Watch this short video on setting up the rules.  You need to make sure you capture the guests contact info – especially name, email and mobile number.  Also, make sure to check them in for your service.  That’s all that’s needed to make sure you follow up with every guest that visits your church.

You can also create an assignment to an outreach or follow-up coordinator in your church by choosing “Generate Assignment” during the setup.

Using the built-in Email Template Editor, having your dedicated local phone number and personalizing the message and target guests is a powerful way to stay engaged with your newcomers.  They will appreciate the recognition, and the fact that you went out of your way to communicate with them.

Automatic Guest Follow-Up is a great tool to grow your church.  Let us know your feedback or if you have questions!

Shane LaPierre

Founder, Faith Teams

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