Breeze Alternative

Looking for a great alternative to Breeze ChMS?

We get this question so often, we thought we should write to explain how we compare to Breeze ChMS.

There are a number of similarities in features, so in this post we’ll focus on what we have that is unique and can bring value to your church.

When it comes to the best church management software, Faith Teams is not only a great alternative to Breeze, but it is going to be better for most churches.

Here are 5 Reasons why Faith Teams is a better choice for your church.

1. More Affordable Pricing

Faith Teams is $40/month (compared to $50 for Breeze). Plus, we offer a Free Trial with no credit card required so you can try everything out for 14 days. During your trial, you have full access to our support team, we will help you import your data, answer questions or anything else we can help you do to be successful. We KNOW you will love us once you have had a chance to use the system, so we offer you that chance without any cost.

Faith Teams Pricing

2. Engage Volunteers

Faith Teams volunteer management tools allow you to invite ANYBODY that you have an email or mobile phone number for to participate in your service or event. They DON’T have to be a Faith Teams user. You can also setup 1 or more months of service templates with all of your volunteers ahead of time.

Faith Teams will take care of sending the request to your volunteers so that they can accept or decline, and even sending a reminder if you choose. Faith Teams features are more in line with Planning Center’s capabilities.

Volunteer Scheduling

3. Service Planning

Faith Teams service planning are top-notch. You can create a service plan for each service, upload your song files, the order of service & worship-flow, and have a printable version going into each service of the detailed service plan. It’s collaborative, it looks great, and it’s easy to use.

The mobile apps give your worship team great tools, and the full ministry team can work together to plan and prepare for service. At this time, Breeze doesn’t offer a service planning tool.

Service Planner

4. Automated Follow-Up

One of the features that puts Faith Teams among the best church management software programs on the market, is our Automated Follow-Up features. You can setup your own follow-up plan for visitors, when people take a certain action in your church, or for birthdays.

For example: When someone comes to your church for the 1st time, or even their 2nd or 3rd, Faith Teams can automatically send them a beautifully church-branded email any day or time of the week that you choose. You can even follow-up with a text message from your own dedicated phone number that is personal such as “It was great to see you on Sunday morning. Hope to see this week again. -Pastor Jim“. This powerful feature is built-in and included in your Faith Teams subscription. We’ll even help you set it up!

Church Email AutomationChurch Text Message

5. Email & Text Campaign Stats

Faith Teams has a powerful built-in email template editor, and email campaign manager: What this means is that all of the people that you have on Faith Teams can instantly be communicated with by email and/or text message. And it’s campaign-style, so you can see statistics around how messages are being delivered or not, who is not receiving the messages, and more.

While you can email or text from Breeze, the features are more limited and primarily expect you to signup for a separate service such as MailChimp for managing email campaigns. This adds another account, and a layer of complexity for the church because you have to keep your people synchronized across these accounts.

Church Messaging Stats

Compare and See…

Faith Teams is a powerful full-feature church management software. When comparing to Breeze, consider that our costs are lower, the volunteer tools are more robust, the service planning tool is included, and the guest follow-up options are extremely powerful. We have everything you need in one single system.

If your church is looking for online church management software to reduce frustration and increase efficiency, we would love to serve you and your church.

Sign up for your fully-unlocked Free Trial Account, where you can try out the entire system, risk-free, no credit card required for 14 days.