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We are SO EXCITED that our new Faith Teams Mobile app is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play.  You are going to LOVE the upgrades. Let me give you a hint that our Service Planning is MUCH MORE POWERFUL with the addition of a Song Repository.  Here you can create a song, add pdf/word files, mp3 files AND link Youtube videos as well as iTunes songs directly.  So you can keep all of your song assets:  Musician Charts,  Lyrics, Audio Files for vocal parts, Links to Youtube or iTunes with the song.  Then simply ADD THE SONG to your service, and all of those assets are available to your worship team. Take a look at a summary of our changes:

Service Planning

  • New Song Repository – A place to create a permanent song directory.  Connect your files (pdf, mp3, more), Youtube, iTunes
  • Connect songs to your Service / Event Plan directly


  • Member Photos  – Take photos with your mobile device to identify your people
  • All of a person’s info including Custom Fields can be viewed and edited from your mobile device
  • For users with Admin / Tools access – Tap a person’s phone number to call directly from Faith Teams App


  • Beautiful, Modern interface
  • Simple To Use Interface
  • Calendar Driven flow for doing Check In / Planning / Volunteers
  • Faith Teams Newest Branding Updates


Download Today

  Faith Teams Web Portal has also been updated with these features as well

  • Photos for your People
  • New Song Repository
  • Service Planning Updated to connect songs to your Service / Event Plan
  • You can now attach a Document AND a Youtube Video to non-song event items


People – Member Photos


I look forward to hearing your feedback. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK or you can Send us an email support@faithteams.com to let us know what you think!

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