Setting up Classes

Setting up Classes

When tracking attendance and doing Check-in with Faith Teams, you’ll need to setup Classes.  Even the main sanctuary will be considered as a class.

To setup classes:

  1. Click on the ‘Events’ tab in the menu.
  2. Click “Calendar”.
  3. Click on any Event, then click “Check-In”.
  4. In the bottom left section of the check-in screen, you’ll see a list of classes.
  5. Click the LIST icon to open your list of classes.
  6. To add a new class, click the Green + icon.
  7. Once your new class is added to the list, you can edit the name, location, etc.
  8. For each class, you can use the toggle switch to either “show” or “ hide” this class for this event type.
  9. Also, you can select a TAG if you’d like to only show certain people during check-in for this class. One of the options here is “Previously checked in” which will default to only show a list of people who have previously checked into this class. You can always change that filter on-the-fly to find whomever you need to check-in.

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