Syncing the Calendar with your Google Calendar

Syncing your Calendar with your Google Calendar

  1. Click on the ‘Events’ tab in the menu.
  2. Click “Calendar”.
  3. Click the “Google Calendar” icon near the top of the page.
  4. You will be redirected to a Google screen where you will need to grant permission for Faith Teams to access your Google calendar. Sign into Google, and grant permissions as desired.  Once you grant permission, you will be redirected back to Faith Teams.
  5. Log into your account.
  6. Navigate back to the Calendar, and click the Google calendar icon again to perform the initial synchronization. The first time you do this will take a little time.

After you have connected your Google calendar, any new events created in Faith Teams will show automatically on your Google Calendar. Also, any events created on Google will be on your Faith Teams calendar. You may also modify events from both platforms, and they will be in sync.

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