Planning Center Alternative

Looking for a great alternative to Planning Center?

Planning Center is a powerful software, but it’s not a great fit for every church.
Here are 5 Reasons why Faith Teams is a better choice for your church.

1. Simple & Affordable Pricing

Faith Teams pricing is simple: It’s $40/month.

It includes all of our features, and we don’t change the price because of which features you use, and how much, or how many users need to login to use the system.

With Planning Center, your price increases if you need extra features, and also when your church grows. We don’t believe churches should have to cut corners just to save money.

We want you to have all the features you need, involve all your volunteers, and check-in as many kids as possible – without having to make a decision about the cost of your church software.

Planning Center PricingFaith Teams Pricing

2. More Simple for your Volunteers

This one is huge. We want things to be simple and easy for your team, so we’ve made it where your volunteers do not need an account, and they don’t need to download an app in order to volunteer. All you need is their mobile number and/or email. They will get their requests, and can confirm or decline easily. It’s simple to schedule volunteers, send notifications, and your response rate will be higher because they don’t have to create an account to respond.

Volunteer gets a notification request, and he or she can tap the link to confirm or decline. It’s that easy.

Faith Teams is so simple to use for all your volunteers.

Volunteer Scheduling

3. Simple & Powerful for Team Leaders

We make it easy for your team leaders to schedule their teams. Schedule one service or several weeks at a time. Once you have things selected, you can send notifications instantly or schedule them to send at a later time. You can also set a reminder to be sent a day or more before their time to serve. You don’t have to worry about layers of complicated options to get people involved. Simply setup your schedule, send notifications, and easily see when team members respond.

  • Team leaders can get notifications when the volunteers accept or decline
  • You can see when people are “over-booked” or double-booked for an event/service
  • Make changes “on the fly”
  • Don’t worry about how many volunteers or users you need – there are no fees per user or person

Schedule Volunteers

Our easy-to-use Monthly-View screen lets you see the entire month in one glance.

The entire process is stream-lined for your leaders. LESS Complicated. And isn’t that what you want?

4. Service Planning is Easy

At Faith Teams, we hate it when things are complicated, and we want to make things simple for you as a church leader. The Service Planning feature in Faith Teams is simple and intuitive – no complicated or difficult-to-learn interface. Just an intuitive planning tool you can master in a few minutes that will enable your church to be prepared for every service and event.

This tool gives you the ability to map out your services, item-by-item, song-by-song,so that everybody on your ministry team understand the schedule.

Simply add items such as Countdown, Songs, Prayer times, Transitions, Sermon, etc.  Arrange them in the order they’re planned, and assign a time for each item. You can quickly arrange the entire plan and even distribute it to every member of the worship, production, media and ministry teams. You can also attach resources to the service plan, so that every member of your team gets the information they need.

  • Include documents, such as sermon notes
  • Songs files, which you can grab from your Song Library:
    • The Song Library gives you direct integrations into Youtube and iTunes.
    • Plus you can upload files like pdf or .doc files of things such as chord charts
    • Upload mp3 files or images.
  • Make notes on lighting & audio
  • Easily sort and re-order your plan on-the-fly
  • AND, the mobile app is simple and STABLE.

Service PlannerService Planning

5. Amazing Customer Support

You’ll quickly find out that Faith Teams is more than a church software company. We’re passionate about supporting churches.

As your church grows, we want to empower you to reach more people and be more efficient every step of the way. If you ever run into a problem, or have a question, or need input on best practices, our incredible support team will be ready to jump in and help any way we can.

We respond to more than 82% of questions in under 10 minutes.

If we can’t reply immediately, we will definitely be in touch very quickly: within the day, or the next day if it’s after hours.

There are 3 easy ways to reach us: Email, Phone and a messenger tool built right into the web app. (Click Here to Contact Us)

ChMS - Customer Support

Compare and See…

Faith Teams is a powerful full-feature church management software, and a great alternative to Planning Center. Consider that there are no additional cost for extra “modules” or “components”, no extra cost as you add more teams and users. With Faith Teams, there are no “add-on” charges as your church grows.

If your church is looking for a church management software system for scheduling volunteers, service planning, child check-in, online giving, text-to-give, attendance tracking, automated guest follow-up, church texting, email and engagement features, etc…we would love to serve you and your church.

Sign up for your fully-unlocked Free Trial Account, where you can try out the entire system, risk-free, no credit card required for 14 days.