Recent Updates – February 2019

We’re continually making improvements to Faith Teams.
Here are some updates we’ve recently added.

Additional Filters on TAG Screen

With Faith Teams, you can create and apply TAGS to people in your database.  It’s an easy way to segment your list and easily view different lists.  Some example of TAGS are: Teachers, Small Group Leaders, Pastor’s Favorite People : )

But now you can do much more on the Tag screen.  We’ve added a checkbox for you to “Show Additional Filters”.  Using these additional filters, you can filter your database based on giving history, attendance history, age, membership status, and even the custom fields that you’ve setup.  All you have to do is click the  “Show Additional Filters” checkbox to show the different filter options.

Additional Filters - Church Database

Make Bulk Updates

We’ve made it easier than ever to make Bulk Updates to people in your database.  Now you can filter your database using Tags or Filters, or you can simply select multiple names from the list, check the checkbox, then you can make mass updates to all the people you’ve selected.  Click the “ACTIONS” button to see a list of options.  You can still send a mass text or email from this drop-down, but now you can also make bulk changes to personal data, such as: Status, Gender, Membership, Active/Inactive, Family Role, Custom Fields, and more.  You no longer have to make these changes one profile at a time.

Culk Changes - Church Database

Volunteer Team Control

Previously, when scheduling volunteers to serve, the screen would show all the teams on the same screen.  Now, we’ve added the ability for team leaders to log in and select only their teams.  This is a powerful addition. It helps to simplify the view of the screen for each team leader.  But also, it gives each team leader to set their own Notification and Reminder preferences.

Church Volunteer Management - Teams

Previously Attended – Filter

In Faith Teams check-in, you have classes for each event.  This update is going to save you tons of time, especially when it comes to kids classes, small group tracking, etc.  Now you can select your class, then select “Previously Attended” from the filter drop-down, and the list will only show people who have previously checked into this class or group.  You can even set it to automatically default to this filter if you prefer, which would save you even more time.  (If you aren’t sure how to do this, click here for step-by-step directions)

Church Check-In - Attendance Filter

Faith Teams church management software is constantly improving so we can serve churches like yours even better.

Thanks for your feedback, and Thanks for allowing us to serve your church!