4 Effective Communication Tools for Church Leaders

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Effective communication is, by far, one of the critical elements of any successful organization.

  • Without it, people become frustrated, feel left out, and spend lots of effort on the wrong things.
  • Without it, the vision of the organization gets forgotten, people go in different directions, and unity is lost.
  • Without it, connection is sacrificed and things that should have been said never get said.

Intentional communication is non-negotiable for any organization that wants to have sustainable success. Encouragement, Guidance, Celebration, and Love all depend on us actually “communicating” it.

In this article, there’s no ground-breaking new information. There’s nothing that you don’t already know exists. But my hope is to remind you of the importance that we actually USE these simple and effective tools.

With that in mind, here are:


1. Phone Calls

It almost sounds antique, but taking the time to call somebody makes a powerful statement. Hearing their voice and sharing your thoughts with them gives usPhone Calls from Church Leaders a human connection that other methods can’t. Face-to-face talks are so valuable, and you need those also, but phone conversations still give that human touch that some other methods lack.

Whether you’re calling a first-time guest to learn a little more about them and let them know you’re glad they came, or calling a team leader to celebrate something you saw their team do over the weekend, when they get that phone call, they perceive it as being a very personal connection with you.

2. Text Messages

One of the greatest innovations of our time is text messaging. Text messaging gives you the ability to send quick messages or thoughts to people and allow them to respond when it’s convenient.

One of my weekly habits is to simply scroll through my thread of contacts and send a few random text messages to whomever God puts on my heart. A simple note of encouragement, a little word of appreciation, or a quick ask for their input goes so far.

Text messaging is also a powerful tool when it comes to guest follow-up. Our church uses automated follow-ups to connect with guests, which guarantees nobody falls through the cracks. At Faith Teams, we’ve put a lot of effort into our automated follow-ups feature, which allows churches to setup automated workflows, sending a series of texts, emails, etc. to guests. The texts have a real-life feel, so the recipient doesn’t perceive it as being automated. We also have a “live text chat” feature, which allows you to jump in and communicate live via text with anybody who replies to one of your automated texts. Find out more HERE.

Texting for churches has become one of the most effective ways to communicate with guests, get reminders to your team, send announcements to your groups, and so much more.

3. Facebook

Whether you’re a social media fan or not, at this point, there’s no denying that it’s here to stay, and Facebook remains way out ahead of the rest of the pack. Instagram and others are popular, especially among younger users, but Facebook is really in another league according to the numbers.

The fact is that most Americans have adopted Facebook as a source of news, information, and connection. Studies show that a high percentage of people check Facebook even before getting their morning coffee. Bottom line: Your people are there. They share pieces of their live every single day, which gives you an easy platform to building deeper connection with them. “Liking” and “commenting” on the pictures they share of their kids, the encouraging post they made, or the video f their vacation, builds your connection with them.

It’s an easy way to get into their lives, show your support, and celebrate the things that are important to them.

4. Hand-Written Notes

I still believe this is one of the most effective ways to communicate appreciation to others. Phone calls, texts, and Facebook comments are all great, but when somebody opens their mailbox and finds a hand-written note, it sends a strong signal.

At our church, we intentionally make time to write hand-written notes to our leaders and key volunteers, letting them know that we appreciate their efforts. When they see that card, it lets them know that they are valuable and noticed. They realize that we took the time to stop our daily routine and focus on them.

It’s easy to simply make it a part of your weekly routine. Choose a day and a time where you’ll write 2-3 hand-written notes of appreciation, and over time, you’ll communicate love and gratitude to lots of people.

Effective Communication isn’t accidental. It’s something that only comes through intentional efforts. These four tools are simple and accessible to everybody. We aren’t bringing anything revolutionary in this article, but the key is BEING INTENTIONAL (actually DOING it).

  • Do you make those intentional phone calls?
  • Do you have a routine of sending texts to the people God is putting on your mind?
  • Do you have automated texts setup for your guests?
  • Do you intentionally check Facebook with the purpose of communicating with your members and leaders?
  • When’s the last time you mailed a hand-written note to one of your team leaders?

These tools are simple, but they still have to be USED.

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