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Church Leader Reminders - 6 Things

6 Things to Remember as a Church Leader

The life of a church leader is definitely full of lots of Ups and Downs. Disasters, followed by great news, followed by heart-break, followed by a moment with God, followed by somebody sharing a win... There's nothing quite like leading a church, is there?  (Can I get an AMEN?) Here at Faith Teams, we genuinely care about church leaders.  We ...
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4 Texts Your Church Should Be Sending

You’re probably hearing a lot about church texting, and why your church should be using text messaging. Why is texting in church so popular these days? Truth is, a lot of what you see is simply marketing.  Some companies even go so far as to create false urgency, trying to convince you that your church should buy their problem-solving tool ...
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Effective Guest Follow-up

3 Quick Tips for Effective Guest Follow-Up

Guest Follow-up is always a hot topic among church leaders.  As local churches, we minister to the members and regular attenders, but we’re also driven to reach more people. We want to see more people impacted by the saving grace of Jesus. We want to see the church grow, and there’s no doubt God wants to see the church to ...
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Preachers Kids - Faith Teams Church Management Software

7 Suggestions for Parenting our PK’s

Church Leaders are passionate people. It’s more than a job – It’s a lifestyle.  I get it. However, if we aren’t very intentional about how we live our lives as a minister, we’ll allow our calling to negatively impact our kids. None of it is intentional, but it can still happen nonetheless. Being transparent here… I can remember times where ...
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3 Things Every Church Should Push

3 Things Every Church Should PUSH

Whatever the mission statement of your church is, every church has the goal of helping people connect with God.  As church leaders, we want to see people experience salvation.  That’s a no-brainer. But our relationship with God goes beyond that initial experience.  We’re called to a lifetime of living for God and experiencing all He has for us. So as ...
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5 ays to Build-Up Leaders in your Church

5 Ways to Build-Up Leaders in your Church

Many churches find themselves in the dreadful place where only a few people are doing the majority of the work.  Of course, this leads to burn-out and lots of frustrations along the way. It also keeps the church from growing and reaching the place God wants it to go. Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership.  -John Maxwell It’s tempting to ...
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Easter Church Strategies

5 Questions to Ask Before Easter

Most would argue that Easter is the MOST important and significant holiday for Christians.  It’s the day we celebrate the fact that Jesus Christ is the Risen Savior. It’s unquestionable that Easter is a HUGE day for Christian churches in America. Christianity Today, Gallup, and Pew Research Center all agree that more people attend church on Easter Sunday than on ...
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6 Reasons Your Church Should Count

6 Reasons Your Church Should COUNT

We never want to only be focused on the numbers, but counting and measuring is definitely a key part of leading a growing church.  Some people are cautious when it comes to business-like concepts when it comes to leading a church, but counting and measuring helps church leaders in lots of ways. Here are Six Reasons your church Should COUNT ...
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Church Volunteers

7 Ways to Attract and Engage New Volunteers

One of the biggest determining factors in whether or not a church is growing is the health of the volunteer teams.  As church leaders, we have to constantly be building a culture where new people are actively getting involved and finding fulfillment. Contrary to the negative reports you hear, the majority of people are eager to get involved in something ...
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Church Volunteer Scheduling Software Comparison

5 Reasons Faith Teams is a great alternative to Planning Center

Planning Center is a powerful software, but it’s not a great fit for every church. Here are 5 Reasons why Faith Teams is a better choice for your church. 1. Simple & Affordable Pricing Faith Teams pricing is simple: It’s $40/month. It includes all of our features, and we don’t change the price because of which features you use, and ...
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