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6 Reasons Your Church Should Count

6 Reasons Your Church Should COUNT

We never want to only be focused on the numbers, but counting and measuring is definitely a key part of leading a growing church.  Some people are cautious when it comes to business-like concepts when it comes to leading a church, but counting and measuring helps church leaders in lots of ways. Here are Six Reasons your church Should COUNT ...
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Church Volunteers

7 Ways to Attract and Engage New Volunteers

One of the biggest determining factors in whether or not a church is growing is the health of the volunteer teams.  As church leaders, we have to constantly be building a culture where new people are actively getting involved and finding fulfillment. Contrary to the negative reports you hear, the majority of people are eager to get involved in something ...
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Church Volunteer Scheduling Software Comparison

5 Reasons Faith Teams is a great alternative to Planning Center

Planning Center is a powerful software, but it’s not a great fit for every church. Here are 5 Reasons why Faith Teams is a better choice for your church. 1. Simple & Affordable Pricing Faith Teams pricing is simple: It’s $40/month. It includes all of our features, and we don’t change the price because of which features you use, and ...
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Breeze ChMS

5 Reasons Faith Teams is a great alternative to Breeze ChMS

We get this question so often, we thought we should write to explain how we compare to Breeze ChMS. There are a number of similarities in features, so in this post we’ll focus on what we have that is unique and can bring value to your church. When it comes to the best church management software, Faith Teams is not ...
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