Why did we create Faith Teams?

Great question.  And it comes back to another question:  where is our passion?  And the answer to that question is our passion is in our Faith, in people, in churches, in ministry and also technology.  Because there was nothing existing that matched our needs and our vision we created Faith Teams.

Faith Teams founder, Shane,  was underwhelmed with the cost, as well as the complexity of the Church Management Software marketplace.  Before Faith Teams was a product, it was a set of tools used by a number of churches that got the job done, and was more focused than other tools.  In 2017 a product was launched and the response has been amazing.

What is important to churches?

I’ll give a hint:  there are a LOT of things that are important to churches.  They have staff, the people who attend and support the church, leaders and volunteers.  There is coordination that needs to take place between all of these different groups.  They have to manage donations, statements and other back-office responsibilities.  Churches are also doing their best to be a true place of hope for their community.  They want to engage people, with a well put-together message about their ministry, and in a way that is wanted and effective.  There is not just 1 important thing to a church:  there are many.

The Problem Faith Teams solves

Church Management tools for churches exist today.  But they can quickly get difficult to use, are often out-of-date, require you to have too many different systems, and ultimately become expensive:

Here’s what things look like too often

  • Tiered pricing quickly gets expensive
  • Adding additional features always increases costs
  • Missing features
  • You need to have a 3rd party integration for Emails, or SMS or Planning or … take your pick
  • There are cost-per-user or cost per donor fees
  • Stale development and stale product

Faith Teams was created as an all-in-one solution for Church Management Software – It’s everything your church should need at an affordable price.  $40 a month, and you don’t have to learn how to integrate with a separate mail platform, or sync your members with a separate volunteer tool, or get a separate SMS/Text message service:  You can do it all from our 1 platform.  It literally covers membership, groups, giving, statements, mobile/text and other digital giving, service planning, volunteer management, group emails, group texting, automatic guest followup, reporting and more.  You don’t need 3 or 4 apps.  You don’t need multiple accounts.  And it’s very simple to use.

It has the features we needed in our churches.  And those churches we supported with our tools before going live gave us feedback on their needs.  We listened to them.  And we continue to listen to the feedback from our users.  And we make changes.

Faith Teams is the best Church Management Software system for a church that needs an all-in-one solution for a very attractive price

Try Faith Teams for Free

You can try our system for absolutely no cost.  We don’t need your credit card for your trial.  You can import your data, use all the features, ask questions, and get any help you need.  We’re positive you will choose Faith Teams after you try it.