5 Ways to Increase Online Giving at Your Church in 2024

Almost one half of all church donations today are made with a credit or debit card.  Even more, up to 60% of givers are willing to do so digitally.  But giving digitally doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy.

Givers donate for several reasons.  They “believe”.  They believe in God and in his word.  They believe in the cause.  They see the needs of their church and in the communities the church serves and feel moved to help.

While charitable giving is still strong in the USA, a sizable proportion of has shifted to non-religious giving.  With younger generations being so focused on technology, digital giving methods are a great way to ensure giving stays strong in the church and religious space.  Here are 5 ways to increase online giving at your church:

  • Make access to your online giving form easy to find. Your online form should be easy to find on your website via a button or link that is prominently displayed.  Show a link in your menus, on your home page and in the footer of every page of your site.  And Display QR codes throughout your church that link to your giving form.  Most church management software applications, including Faith Teams, provide QR codes you can download and add to fliers, posters and larger foam boards.
  • Add text-to-give to the mix. Text to give technologies provide you a number you can present to your church members and guests allowing them to text, say, “give $100” to that number to initiate a donation.  It’s easy and immediately personal to the giver.
  • Promote recurring giving. We live in a busy world.  The last thing we want to do is make it easy to NOT give.  Recurring donations capabilities allows the giver to setup a giving plan and then let the software do the rest.  Yes, you need to maintain the relationship with the giver.  But, you don’t have to inspire them multiple times.
  • Good old-fashioned follow-up. People want to know you received their gift and are using it for the things that are important to them.  Ensure the forms that drive their giving also have automated follow-up responses such as an email or text message.  And report on overall giving back to them in automated newsletters.
  • Have more than just one call to action. You can have more than just one mission or giving campaign.  A “General Fund” is great and many give no matter what the church’s plans are.  But having other focuses that are important to a portion of your church can inspire many more to give.  And technology makes it great to present and collect for those specific missions.

A digital donation platform helps younger church goers to give from anywhere at any time to a number of calls to action.

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