Background Checks

We’ve made it Simple to Run & Maintain Background Checks for your Church

Church Background Checks

Background checks are critical to your church for safety and security.  Reduce security risks and stay legally compliant throughout all your teams and ministries.

We make it easy to run all your background checks and make sure they stay up-to-date.

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Background Checks - Faith Teams Church Management Software

Easily Run & Manage Background Checks

Run background checks for church staff and volunteers, and keep them all up-to-date.

Reduce Risk & Liability for your Church

Reduce the risk to children, families and property before anything happens, and reduce the liability of your church by having up-to-date background checks on staff and key volunteers.

Integrated into your Church Database

Faith Teams has integrated and automated the entire process, making it easy to run and manage background checks with just a few clicks.

You can…

  • Run background checks for individuals from their profile page.
  • Setup Volunteer Teams to “Require” a background check before a volunteer can join that team.
  • Choose from different levels of background checks depending on what each person/team needs, with checks starting as low as $4.
  • Get quick results to reduce any delay in new team members being approved. 
  • Get notified as soon as a background check is done.
  • View a clear report showing of all your background checks to see “In Progress”, “Cleared”, and Concerns”.
  • Manage all your background checks and renewals directly from your Faith Teams account.

Church Background Checks - Why

Why does a Church need Background Checks?

Now more than ever before, due diligence is critical for churches, particularly in the care of kids & finances.  Background checks deter criminals and helps you identify predators and people who have a questionable background.  It also gives peace of mind to church leaders, members, and parents knowing that these safety measures are in place. 

Criminal Watch Dog listed this as one of the biggest legal threats for churches today – neglecting the screening of people serving in your church.  Churches that don’t run and maintain background checks are literally one lawsuit away from having their churches shut down.  The answer is simple: Background Checks.

Frequent Questions about Background Checks in Faith Teams

How fast can I get results from a background check?

Typically, you will have results within 12-48 hours, which is much faster than the industry standard.

What all gets checked?

You can choose from several different options.  You can choose a simple MVR (motor vehicle record), all the way up to a deep-dive check that includes Global Watch list, SSN Validation, Sex Offender Registry, National Criminal Records, and 7 County Criminal Records.  You can setup different teams to require different types of checks.

How much does each Background Check Cost?

We offer a variety of different background checks, and the cost varies depending on what you need, starting as low as $4/each.

How do I get started?

Step 1: Go to “Admin”, click on Background Checks, and Connect your account to Checkr.  Once connected, you’ll be able to start running background checks for individuals and teams.

Faith Teams: All-in-One Solution

From the beginning, our goal has been to provide an easy and affordable solution for church leaders to have everything they need in one single system.  Integrated background checks is just another reason to choose Faith Teams. 

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