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Follow-up is one of the most difficult and frustrating things for any church.  It’s always a hot topic among church leaders because we all know how important it is to make sure nobody slips through the cracks.  But it can seem almost impossible to keep track of it all, which leads to major frustration and even a feeling of failure for Pastors and church leaders.

Faith Teams can help!

With Faith Teams, you can setup your follow-up processes, then the software does the heavy lifting for you.  Automatically!


Guest Follow-Up and More

Faith Teams helps you follow-up with visitors and guests, but there’s a lot more than that.  Here are some ways you can use Automated Follow-Ups:

  • Guests
    • When somebody visits your church, you can trigger follow-up actions.  Not just for first-time visitors, but you can set it for any number of visits you want.
  • Tags
    • When a Tag is added to a person, you can trigger follow-up actions.  (Click Here to learn more about Tags)
  • Birthdays
    • It’s everybody’s favorite holiday.  You can trigger follow-up actions for birthdays.
  • Anniversaries
    • Automatically celebrate the big day for all the couples in your church.


Setup Powerful Automated Workflows

How does it work?  Faith Teams lets you setup “RULES”, which are basically Triggers.  When you setup a Rule, you are telling the software, “When this happens, Do this.”

There are tons of options so you can setup the automated follow-ups that are most important for your church.
(click here to see a short video showing how “automated follow-ups” work)

You can build entire workflows mapping out your follow-up strategy step-by-step, and Faith Teams will make nothing gets forgotten.

Once you set it up, the entire workflow runs on AUTO-PILOT.  You can literally forget about it.  The software will send Emails, send Text Messages, and also create Assignments for your team to make sure the right people get contacted at the right times.


Examples of Automated Follow-ups

  • Maybe you want to send a custom email message to every guest 1 day after their first visit.
  • And, maybe you want to send a text message the Friday after their first visit inviting them back.

No problem – Set it up, and let the software do the work.

  • Maybe you want to send an Assignment to your Follow-Up Director after a person has attended 2 times, so he can give them a phone call.

No problem – Set it up, and let the software do the work.

  • Maybe when you assign the Tag “SPECIAL NEEDS”, you want to send a customized email letting them know that your church is equipped to serve them.
  • And maybe you want to send an Assignment to your Special Needs Coordinator so they can follow-up with this family.

 No problem – Set it up, and let the software do the work. 


Make it Personal

With our editor tools, you can personalize your texts and emails.  Use “personalizations” such as first name so messages come through with a personal touch.


But I don’t want things to feel “Robotic”

One of the big push-backs to automated follow-ups is that you don’t want the whole process to feel “robotic”.  Automated Follow-ups are simply the entryway into conversations.  Faith Teams has addressed this issue by integrating to-way messaging, which means when someone responds to one of your automated texts, you can jump in and engage with them personally.

Here’s a real-life example of what that looks like:

You have 5 new visitors on Sunday, so Faith Teams sends out your initial text message on Monday.  All 5 of them receive it, but 2 of them reply back.  When they reply, you get a notification, which prompts you to jump into the Live Text Chat page and talk back-and-forth with them.  The GOAL of follow-up is to make them feel appreciated and to engage in a real-life conversation with them.  Faith Teams has the perfect tool set to make this incredibly simple and easy for you.


Automated follow-ups give you an advantage like never before, and give you confidence that you’ll be able to care for your congregation better than ever before.  Church follow-up is such a vital part of growing your church, and we want to help you be more efficient than ever.

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