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A Clean Database for all of your People and FamiliesChurch Membership Software - Church Database

Faith Teams is a complete church membership software, giving you a powerful church database where you can quickly access information on all of your people and families.  Easily view personal data such as contact information, address, membership status, notes and more.  You can also see contributions, communications, attendance and team involvement for each person.


Track Any Data you Want

Create “Custom Fields” such as Baptism Date, Favorite Sports Team, etc. to track anything you want.

Create and apply “Tags” to people as an easy way to sort and filter your list.  Tags can be anything you want, such as “Leadership Team” or “Small Group Leaders”.


Quickly Find the Data you Need

Whether you’re using a desktop computer or the FT mobile app, you can quickly find the info you need.

  • Visiting someone in the hospital and need a phone number?
  • Need to send a text to your small group?
  • Need the address of that new family?

Search by name, phone number, gender, age range, tags, membership status and more.

We know how important it is for you to have a church membership system that gives you the information you need quickly, at your fingertips, without having to click through lots of screens, and wait for the screen to load.


Church Directory

Create a customized Church Directory showing families, pictures and contact information.


Finally, a church database with No Limits!

Best of all, there are no limits to the number of people you can add, and we won’t increase your rates as your church grows.  Your pricing is locked-in, so there are no expensive surprises, which is exactly what you need in a church membership software.

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