Church Texting and Email

Communication Tools Built-In to Connect and Engage with your Church

Church Texting and Email (Built-In)

Church Texting and Email

Faith Teams lets you handle all your church texting and emails without having to use a separate third-party service.  It’s church texting software and email sender built right into your account.

One of the greatest needs of churches in a church management software is the ability to communicate and engage with their members, visitors and groups.  And the best possible scenario is if you can do it all in one single system.  That’s what you get in Faith Teams.


Communicate with the Right People

You can send messages to an individual or to a group of people.

You can filter your database by a huge variety of options such as gender or age range.  You can filter to see only people who have certain Tags or select from your Custom fields.  The options are almost endless when it comes to filtering your people, so that your communications are specific and easy. Once you select the people, it’s simple to send a text blast or a mass email to the people you’ve selected.


Get your own Local Phone Number (included)

With Faith Teams, your church will get its own unique phone number to send and receive texts (included with your account – no extra cost). You can select from a list of phone numbers local to your city, and whenever somebody replies to your text blasts, you can view their reply from within your account.


Email Creator, Campaigns and Newsletters

Faith Teams has a built-in email creator, which allows you to build beautiful customized emails tailored to fit the look and feel of your church.  You can setup email campaigns, create newsletters, and even see how many people are opening the emails you’re sending out.



Text messages and emails also play a major role in our Guest Follow-Up feature where you can setup automated workflows (using Rules) to automatically send messages to guests, members on their birthdays, and a lot more.  These automation rules make Faith Teams much more powerful than a “basic” church texting software.  It allows you to put things on auto-pilot and let the software do much of the work for you.


One Single System for all your church communications

Church Texting and Emailing tools are more important than even.  Faith Teams makes it as easy as possible, putting everything you need at your fingertips all in one single system.

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