When using Faith Teams check-in for attendance tracking, you will setup Classes for each Event.

Here are some screenshots and details that will help you understand how classes work.

When tracking attendance in Faith Teams, each of your events will have “classes”. Even if it’s just one class called “MAIN”, you will input attendance and do check-in based on classes. For each event, when you select Check-In, you’ll see that all of your classes are located in the bottom left corner of the Check-In screen.

Church Check-in - Classes

Editing your List of Classes

To edit your list of classes, click the “List” button as shown below.

A pop-up screen will show all your classes, and allow you to Add New classes, Delete existing classes, Edit Class names and other details.

Church Check-in - Class Setup

Church Check-in - Class List

Limit which Classes you see

If you have multiple services each week, and you don’t want to show all your classes for all your events, no problem. Follow the steps below to select which classes you want for each event.

Class Setup 1


Class Setup 3


Class Setup 4

Filter the list

When you are inputting your attendance or checking people into a class, you may want to filter the list. This will speed things up, because you won’t be seeing your entire database in the list. You can filter to only see certain TAGS, and you can also filter to only see people who have Previously Checked-in for this class.

Church Check-In - Attendance Filter

Automatically Filter your list

For each class, you can setup a default filter. When you do this, each time you select this class, the list is automatically filtered to your selection. From the Class Setup screen, you can make this selection.

Church Check-in - Class Options

Faith Teams is the easy-to-learn and easy-to-use church management software.

If you have any questions about Classes or any other feature, please contact us.  We’re happy to help any way we can!