Custom Forms

Guest Forms, Sign-ups, Registrations, Giving


No more need for that Third-Party Form Builder Software.

With Faith Teams, you can create and share all kinds of custom forms for Guests, Registrations,  Event Sign-ups, Giving, etc.

    • Assign Keywords to Forms allowing members to text the keyword to access the form on their phone.
    • Automatically TAG everyone who completes your form (this is so helpful & powerful)
    • Get a Branded URL for every form.  (church.faithteams.com/connect)
    • Get a QR Code to easily share your form.
    • Get Registration Lists
    • Accessible Forms from any device

Custom Forms - Faith Teams

Create all kinds of Forms:

    • Guest Forms (Digital Connect Cards):
      • Easily collect new guest information
    • Registration Forms:
      • Quickly register people for trips, conferences, and events.
        • Accept payments
        • Set limited seating
        • Offer “add-ons”, such as t-shirts or meal plans
    • Sign-Up Forms:
      • Give your members an easy way to sign-up for ministry teams and serving opportunities.
    • Surveys:
      • Create Surveys with custom options to get feedback from your congregation.
    • Member Update Forms:
      • Let your members update their own personal information in your database through a simple form.
    • And a LOT More…

Church Guest Form

Church Registration Form

Share your forms:

    • Embed your forms into your website
    • Link to your form from a button on your website
    • Get a Branded URL for each of your forms
      • Example: church.faithteams.com/connect
    • Create a QR Code for each of your forms
    • Use KEYWORDS to share your forms (With Faith Teams, you can have unlimited SMS Keywords)
      • Examples:
        • Text “Baptism” to sign up for the upcoming baptism class
        • Text “Connect” if you’re a Guest.
        • Text “Groups” to see a list of our current Small Groups. 
          • Text “VBS” to register your kids for our summer Vacation Bible School.

Auto-TAGGING Registrants:

With Faith Teams FORMS, you can automatically TAG people who complete your form.  

This is Incredibly Powerful for Two Reasons:

    1. It creates an easily accessible list of registrants for you to manually communicate with.
    2. A TAG can trigger an entire automated Workflow.
      • This is so powerful because it eliminates so much manual work for your team.. 
        • People can fill out a form, and get automatically tagged in your database, which can automatically trigger an entire Workflow where they get follow-ups on auto-pilot.

Whether you are registering people for an event, signing up for small groups, collecting prayer requests, or connecting with new visitors, we’ve got you covered. 

You can build forms to collect any information you need and easily share your forms with your congregation to sign-up.  

It’s all built into your church software.  No need to get a different program.

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