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The integrated Form Builder allows you to create and share all kinds of custom forms for Guests, Registrations,  Event Sign-ups, Giving, etc.

Assign Keywords to Forms allowing members to text the keyword to access the form on their phone.

You can also automatically TAG everyone who completes your form.

Here are some Examples of how Forms can help your church…

  • Guest Forms (Digital Connect Cards):
    • Create forms to easily collect new guest information.
  • Event Registration:
    • Quickly register people for conferences or events.
    • You can even accept registration payments directly in the form.
  • Sign-up Forms:
    • Quickly create sign-up forms to get your congregation involved in ministry teams or events.

Share your forms:

  • Easily embed your forms into your church website, or link to your form from a button on your site
  • Easily share your forms on all your social media channels

Personalize your forms:

  • Edit the colors and add your church logo so all your forms match your brand


Assign Keywords that your congregation can text to access your forms. (Unlimited Keywords included in your FT account)

Here are some examples:

  • Text “BAPTISM” to sign-up for the upcoming baptism class.
  • Text “GUEST” so we can connect with you.
    • You can use this as the starting point in your guest follow-up strategy and trigger and entire automated follow-up workflow.
  • Text “GROUPS” to see a list of all our current Small Groups.
  • Text “VBS” to sign-up your kids for our summer Vacation Bible School.


Automatically assign a TAG to everyone who completes your form.  This feature is incredibly powerful, because (1) it creates a list of people for you to easily communicate with, and (2) it can trigger an entire automated follow-up workflow based on the person getting tagged.

Incredibly Powerful!  Create a form that automatically tags people, and the entire follow-up workflow is on auto-pilot.


Whether you’re registering people for an event, signing up for Small Groups, collecting Prayer Requests, or connecting with new Visitors, we’ve got you covered.  You can build a form to collect any information you need, and create keywords to make it easy for your people to sign-up.  And it’s all built right into your church software!

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