Introducing Community: A New Way to Connect Members and Guests to Your Church

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Where do your members and guests go to get connected with your church?  For events, groups, even giving?  Now there’s one place called called Community. And Community is included with your Faith Teams subscription.

What is Community?

Community is a web experience (designed for computers and mobile phones) located at your own Faith Teams location.  From that site, congregants can:

  • See your church calendar’s public events
  • Find and join available groups
  • Give and manage giving to the church
  • And for guests, interact with a welcome form to you know they were at your church or would like more information

All in One Location

One location for your members and guests, Community was designed to be mobile responsive for an easy and clean interface on a phone. You can edit the graphics for each area and even toggle them off if not in use.  And Community uses your Faith Teams subdomain name to make it easier for your congregants to easily find your Community page.

Your Public Facing Calendar

Community looks only at those events that are not set as “private” and displays those to members and guests.

Find and Join a Group

Community presents a groups link allowing members and guests to see available groups and request to join them.


Community makes giving immediate presenting your giving form at the same location as your groups and events.  Givers can also create a Community account to manage their giving and monitor their past giving.


Welcome Form

The “Welcome” section of Community allows you to easily present a form to guests that would either like to let you know they were there, or want to be there too.


Community Looks Great on Phones Too

Below are screen shots of community on a phone.

Turning on Community

Beginning today, Community Free Edition is available to all Faith Teams subscribers.  If you have any questions about Community, please visit our support page at  Or if you’re not yet a subscriber to Faith Teams, sign up for our free trial.

The entire team at Faith Teams looks forward to connecting your church with your members and guests.

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