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Adding a Church Service or Event to your Calendar

Easily add all your Church Services and Events to your Faith Teams Calendar.

  1. In the menu, click ‘Events”, then click “Calendar”.
  2. Click the Blue + Symbol to add a new church service or event.

From the pop-up window, input the details for this church service or event.

  1. Input the TITLE of this event.
  2. Input additional information (optional)
  3. Input the location for this event (optional)
  4. Select the DATE this event will begin
  5. Input the TIME for this event, or check the checkbox to make it “All Day”
  6. From the “Repeats” dropdown, choose how often this event will repeat on your calendar.
    • Most Church Services repeat “Weekly”, but you can also select “Daily, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly”
  7. Next, select how long you want this event to repeat on your calendar.
    • You can tell it to repeat a certain number of times, or…
    • You can tell it to repeat until a certain date.
  8. Choose the Color you want this event to be on your calendar.
  9. Click “Save”