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Building Workflows

Workflows allow you to create Automated Follow-up Sequences. You design it, and Faith Teams runs it on Auto-Pilot.

Create a Workflow in 4-Easy Steps:

  1. Click the “Blue Plus” symbol to create a new workflow.
  2. In the “Triggers” section, click the “Blue Plus” symbol to choose how people get auto-added to your workflow.
  3. In the “Steps” section, click the “Blue Plus” symbol to add whatever “steps” you want to automatically happen when people are added to your workflow.
  4. Click the Toggle Switch to make your workflow “Active”.

Below is a visual of the sections of your Workflow.

Triggers let you decide how people are automatically added to your workflow.

Trigger Options:

  • When a TAG is added to a Person
  • On a Person’s Birthday (yearly)
  • On the Month/Day of a Custom Field (yearly)
  • On the Actual Fate of a Custom Field
  • First Time a Person is Checked In to an Event
  • Second Time a Person is Checked In to an Event

Steps let you design the perfect workflow. Add as many steps as you want, and arrange them in any order you want.

Options for Steps you can add:

  • Send a Text Message
  • Send an Email
  • Create an Assignment
  • Add “Wait Time” between Steps
  • Remove a Tag
  • Exit This Workflow
  • Exit Another Workflow
  • Exit All Other Workflows

You can REARRANGE the Steps to put everything in the perfect Flow and Order.

  • In the “Steps” section, click “Arrange”.
  • Drag the Steps into whatever order you want them in.
  • Click “Done Sorting”.