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Community – Activate

Before you can start using Community, you will need to activate it.  If you don’t already have your Faith Teams URL, you will need to create it.  If you have a Faith Teams URL, you will need to migrate it to the new Community Landing Site.

Login to Faith Teams and then go to Admin>Community.  From there, you can add or migrate your URL and then setup your Community site.  This version of Community is included in your Faith Teams subscription, at no charge!

If you’ve not yet created a “sub domain” or a domain under the domain, that is step 1.  If this is the case, you’ll see the following screen when you go to Admin>Community.  Once there, click “Create Subdomain” and set your subdomain.  For example, if your church is called “New Life Church”, a possible subdomain is “newlife” and would show as”.

Now that your Faith Teams account has a subdomain, you can activate Community.  The page below shows you what you will see now when you go to Admin>Community.  If you want a community site, click on Activate Community.  You can then go to you’re subdomain and see you’re community site.  You can further make changes as to what is shown on the screen.

The video below will show you how to now configure Community.