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Entering Contributions

You can easily input and track all your contributions with Faith Teams.

First, a few notes about Contributions:

  1. Your Contributions will be grouped together in BATCHES.
    • A batch is simply a way to group and manage your contributions. It’s a container for your contributions.
    • A good example is your ‘Sunday Morning Offering’ will be a Batch, so before you can enter the individual contributions, you must create a batch.
  2. All your Digital Contributions (Online Giving) will be automatically “Batched” by Faith Teams.
    • Remember, digital donations come in all through the week, so each day that your church receives digital contributions, we will take care of “batching” those daily.
  3. This is the basic process for entering “In-Person” contributions (cash & checks):
    1. Create a New Batch.
    2. Manually input all the “in-person” contributions into that batch.
    3. Save the batch.

Your List of Batches:

  1. Click “Contributions” in the menu.
  2. Click “Batches & Entry”.
  3. To open an existing batch, click the Batch ID.
  4. Click the Blue + Symbol to Create a New Batch.

Creating a NEW Batch:

  1. Click the Blue + Symbol to Create a New Batch.
  2. In the Pop-up Window, either (1) Connect this new batch to a Church Service/Event from your Calendar, or (2) click “Enter Manually” at the bottom of the pop-up window to create a stand-alone batch.
  3. In the next pop-up window, edit the Name, Info, and Date as you wish.
  4. Click “Save”.

Inside the BATCH Screen:

  1. On the left side of the screen, you will see the Batch ID, and the Summary Sections:
    • These Summary Sections will automatically begin to populate as you input contributions into this batch.
      • Summary by Contribution Type: This gives you a breakdown of the different TYPES of contributions in this batch (cash, checks, etc.).
      • Summary by Funds: This gives you a breakdown of the different FUNDS contributed to in this batch.
  2. On the Right Side of the screen is where you will input and see a list of all the contributions in this batch.

Entering Contributions:

  1. From the Batch Screen, click the Blue + Symbol to Add a New Contribution.
  2. Input the Name of the Donor.
    • You’ll see “Anonymous”, which is for loose cash not assigned to a specific person.
    • To find a person, simply start typing their name.
    • If the person is not yet in your database, click “New Person”.
  3. Enter the total amount of the contribution.
  4. Select the type of contribution this is. Cash, check, etc.
  5. If entering a check, enter the check number
  6. A line item will automatically be added below. Select the fund this contribution is for.
    • If you need to split a contribution, change the dollar amount in this line item, and new line items will appear. You’ll be able to split a contribution across 2 or more funds when needed.
  7. Once you are finished, click “Save”.

Repeat Steps 2 thru 7 until you have input all the contributions for this batch.

Close and Download Your Batch:

  1. When you have input all the contributions for this batch, click “Actions”, then click “Close Batch”.
    • This is simply a way to make sure additional contributions aren’t accidentally added to this batch.
    • Don’t worry – You can Re-Open it if you need to.
  2. To Download your Batch Summary, click “Actions”, then click “Download”.
    • The Summary will have all the Batch details, and also places for Signatures (this is great if your church uses signed reports for accountability.)