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Group Signup

It’s time to signup for a group at your church!  Your church will share the Group Finder with you so you can search for a group, and signup.

Group signup is easy, and once you’ve been approved by the group leader, you’ll receive an email that you’re in the group!

The Group Finder shows a summary of your church’s available groups that you can signup for.  Click to view all of the groups that are available.

You can visualize all of the groups available.  Use the Category Filter to help select groups to review.  Once you see a group you’re interested in, click or tap the group to view the details.

The group will list the meeting times, location and other information.

Once you’ve found the perfect group, click the “Request to Join this Group” button and fill out the short form.  The request must be approved by the group leader.  Once it’s approved, you’ll receive a confirmation via email and you’ll be joined to the group.