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Improving Email Deliverability

To improve deliverability of your emails through Faith Teams, create an “email route”.  This creates an email address on our domain to help land your email in the inbox better.  If someone replies to the email, it gets forwarded to your email address.


Your Email

Email Route


Create Email Route:

  1. In the header of the “Send an Email” popup, click the ? icon next to your email address in the “From” field.  This will allow you to create your email route that is unique to you on the Faith Teams platform.

Choose your Dedicated “Email Route”:

  1. The text field will be pre-filled with your first and last name.  This may be the best choice.
  2. Otherwise, select a unique address prefix:
    1. no spaces
    2. no special characters [except the dot (.) and hyphen (-)]
    3. don’t include the domain (or other domains)
    4. It is only the prefix for the sending email.  The Faith Teams system will add the @ sign and the domain name.
  3. Click “Create” to create the sending email route.
  4. When you send emails it will now come from this new email route
  5. When others reply to Faith Teams emails, it will forward to your original church/personal email adddress.