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Inviting Users

You can Invite USERS to your Faith Teams account, and set their Permissions so they only see what they should.

Here’s the process for inviting users:

  • From the menu, click “Admin”
  • “Users & Access”
  • Click the Blue + Button.
  • Find the Person you want to Invite to be a User in your Faith Teams account.
  • Click their Name, then click “Next”.
  • From the pop-up window, use the buttons to choose what level of access they should have in the different areas of your Faith Teams account.
  • Click “Invite User”.

What Happens Next?

When you Invite a person to be a User, they will receive an email with a clickable link where they can create their own login information. When they login, they will only be able to access whatever you have given them permission to.

Editing Users:

If you are an ADMIN in your account, you can click “Actions” beside any User in your account to:

Edit their Access and Permissions
Change their Password
Remove them as a User