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Sending Text Messages

We know how important Communication is for Church Leaders, so we have weaved Text Messaging all throughout your account.

There are several ways and places to send text messages through Faith Teams.

Easy-Click Texting:

  • From any Individual Profile Page, simply click their Mobile Phone # to send a text message.

From the People List:

  1. From your People List, check the check boxes to select one or more people.
  2. Click “Actions”.
  3. Click “Send SMS Message”.

From the TAGS Screen:

  1. From the TAGS Screen, you can send a text message to everyone with a specific TAG.
  2. Check the check box to select the Tag.
  3. From the list of people who have that Tag, use the checkboxes to select one or more people.
  4. Click “Actions”.
  5. Click “Send SMS Message”.

From the Messaging Tab:

  1. From the “Messaging” menu tab, click “SMS Messaging”.
  2. From the left side of the screen, find the person you want to message.
  3. Type your message, and click “Send”.

NOTE: This screen acts as a LIVE CHAT Texting Screen, where you can see texts TO and FROM this person.