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SMS Message Delivery Codes

When sending text messages in Faith Teams, they can at times fail to be delivered to a recipient or recipients. The error types in Faith Teams are:

  • Faith Teams Detected Client Errors
  • Carrier Reported Client Errors
  • Faith Teams Service Failures
  • Carrier Reported Service Failures
  • Carrier Errors with Ambiguous Cause


A 4xx code indicates that Faith Teams or the downstream carrier has identified some element of the message request unacceptable. Repeating the request will produce the same result.

4001 service-not-allowed Message was rejected for reasons other than those covered by other 4xxx codes This is a general error that the service you are attempting to use is not allowed; you may have inaccurate permissions, formatting, or may not be able to use that service.
4301 malformed-invalid-encoding Malformed message encoding The message contains invalid characters that are not supported. Faith Teams cannot re-encode the message for the destination.
4302 malformed-invalid-from-number Malformed From number The From number associated with the message is a number not routable to a carrier or valid in the industry (e.g., a 9-digit number).
4303 malformed-invalid-to-number Malformed To Number The To number associated with the message is a number not routable to a carrier or valid in the industry (e.g., a 9-digit number).
4350 malformed-for-destination Malformed message encoding Message passed validation on the receive stage, but failed on send. This is likely because the destination number (To) is an invalid number.
4360 message-not-sent-expiration-date-passed Message expired Message was not sent because the specified expiration date passed before the message was able to send.
4401 rejected-routing-error BW is unable to route the message Message is unable to be routed within Faith Teams particularly when the source and destination are the same number. The destination or To number is mis-provisioned or there is a configuration with the message that is causing a situation where a message is being sent repeatedly between the same numbers.
4403 rejected-forbidden-from-number Messaging forbidden on From number Messaging on this From number is forbidden, most commonly because the number does not belong to BW or the account. Other reasons include: the TN is not enabled in the Faith Teams Dashboard, the account associated with this number is not enabled for this type of messaging, the TN is disconnected, or it is an invalid number (i.e., 11111111111).
4404 rejected-forbidden-to-number Messaging forbidden on To number Messaging on this To number is forbidden. This could be the number is not active, not enabled for messaging, or is an invalid number (i.e. 11111111111).
4405 rejected-unallocated-from-number Unallocated from number The From telephone number is considered unallocated when the number does not exist in our database as an active number. This number is either not enabled for messaging at the industry level, or the number is not yet released in the industry.
4406 rejected-unallocated-to-number Unallocated to number The To number associated with this message, while a valid North American number, is not yet assigned to a carrier and the message cannot be sent downstream.
4407 rejected-account-not-defined-from-number From Number is associated with account Undefined source account id. The From number associated with this message is not associated with this account, is an invalid number, or not configured appropriately to send messages.
4408 rejected-account-not-defined-to-number To Number not associated with account Undefined destination account id. The To (destination) number is not associated with an account, is an invalid number, or not configured correctly to receive messages.
4409 rejected-invalid-from-profile Invalid destination profile Faith Teams failed to create destination. The destination profile is considered invalid, most often this is because the destination number does not support MMS.
4410 media-unavailable Could not download media There was an error retrieving the media from the media web server. Check the media URL and try to access directly to see if the media can be fetched successfully.
4411 rejected-message-size-limit-exceeded Combined size of media too large The total size of MMS message media/attachments exceeded the max file size supported.
4412 media-content-invalid Failed to parse Content-Type for media The media content type is not a supported media content type.
4420 rejected-carrier-does-not-exist No Route to Destination Carrier The upstream carrier associated with the message does not exist in Faith Teams configuration.
4421 rejected-forbidden-no-destination No Route to Destination Carrier The message cannot be sent downstream as the account associated with the message does not have permission to send to this destination. You may not be provisioned to send to this destination.
4431 rejected-forbidden-shortcode Messaging on shortcode forbidden The message cannot be sent as the account associated with the message is not provisioned for Short code messaging.
4432 rejected-forbidden-country Messaging to country forbidden Faith Teams system indicates the account associated with the message is not enabled for messaging this zone, this country or this country is outside of messaging reach (specifically for MMS).
4433 rejected-forbidden-tollfree Messaging on Toll Free Number Forbidden The account associated with this message is not enabled for toll-free messaging.
4434 rejected-forbidden-tollfree-for-recipient Messaging to Toll-Free Number Forbidden Messaging to this toll-free number is not allowed. Number is likely not enabled for messaging or not active.
4435 forbidden-too-many-recipients Too Many Recipients The group message has too many recipients. When sending Group Messages, there’s a maximum of 10 participants in a Group.
4451 rejected-wrong-user-id Invalid User Id The user id is not a valid id. Verify the user ID and retry the message.
4452 rejected-wrong-application-id Invalid Application ID The Application ID specified is not a valid Application Id, or the Application ID is not associated with the account.
4470 rejected-spam-detected Rejected as SPAM (future) This message has been filtered and blocked by a downstream carrier for spam. Messages can be blocked for a variety of reason, including but not limited to volumetric filtering, content blocking, SHAFT violation, A2P.
4481 rejected-from-number-in-blacklist From Number in black list The From number has been flagged by Faith Teams as prohibited from sending messages. This is typically because Faith Teams or a downstream carrier has several violations; reports of spam, P2P violations, associated with this number.
4482 rejected-to-number-in-blacklist To Number in black list The number you are attempting to send to is blocked from receiving messages.
4492 reject-emergency Message to emergency number forbidden Messaging to an emergency number is forbidden.
4493 rejected-unauthorized Unauthorized Faith Teams service indicates the sender is not authorized to send messages from the account.


4700 invalid-service-type Carrier Rejected as Invalid Service Type Carrier rejected message for invalid service type. This usually means messaging (SMS or MMS) is not supported by the carrier or handset.
4701 destination-service-unavailable Destination is not reachable and SMS service is not available. Carrier service is reporting the destination is not reachable or the SMS service is not available.
4702 destination-subscriber-unavailable Destination subscriber is unavailable. This error indicates the subscriber is unavailable. There are several reasons for this; the subscriber has turned off handset, the destination is unreachable or barred, the GSM subscriber is busy for outbound SMS, SIM card is full, voicemail is full, or cannot reach the destination handset and has stored the message for retry in its "Store & Forward" function.
4720 invalid-destination-address Carrier Rejected as Invalid Destination Address Carrier Rejected as Invalid Destination Address. This could mean the number is not in the numbering plan (area code does not exist or the number is just invalid) or the number is not enabled for messaging (like a landline). Additionally, for toll-free messages to T-Mobile, this could also mean the user has opted to block all toll-free and short code traffic.
4721 destination-tn-deactivated TN on deactivation list The phone number you are attempting to send to is on the deactivation list. It is not associated with a carrier to be able to receive messages or is inactive.
4730 no-route-to-destination-carrier No route to destination carrier or no roaming route exists. Carrier is reporting there is no route available for the message. This could be because no routing exists to the destination, no roaming route is available, the destination handset is roaming on a network that cannot be reached, no SS7 route, or routing was denied.
4740 invalid-source-address-address Carrier Rejected as Invalid Source Address Carrier is rejecting the message due to an invalid source address – the number does not exist in the numbering plan. Other reasons for this error code include the source carrier being invalid or disabled, the source not being authorized, or the number type not being supported.
4750 destination-rejected-message Carrier Rejected Message The destination carrier has rejected the message but provided no specific reason. For AT&T traffic, this could be a prepaid user whose account is out of money, a subscriber that is provisioned to not receive this type of SMS, or it was identified as Spam.
4751 destination-rejected-message-size-invalid Message is too long or message length is invalid for the carrier. Carrier has rejected the message because the message length is invalid or too long.
4752 destination-rejected-malformed Message is malformed for the carrier. Carrier is rejecting the message as malformed. This could be because of a blank message, unacceptable data value, the receiving SMSC or SME does not accept messages with more than 160 characters, syntax error, content is invalid, message ID is invalid, invalid parameter length, expected TLV missing, invalid TLV value, invalid data coding scheme, invalid number of destinations, error in the optional part of the PDU body, TLV not allowed, or XML validation error.
4770 destination-spam-detected Carrier Rejected as SPAM The Carrier is reporting this message as blocked for SPAM. Spam blocks could be a result of content, SHAFT violations (including specific keywords), originating address has been flagged for repeated spam content.
4775 destination-rejected-due-to-user-opt-out Carrier Rejected due to user opt-out User has opted out of receiving messages from a particular sender. Remove the destination TN from the subscriber list and cease communication with the destination.
4780 p2p-volume-violation Carrier rejected due to P2P volumetric violation Carrier rejected due to P2P volumetric violation. You are sending at a higher rate (mps) than is allowed for P2P traffic. Please contact BW support to review your account settings and ensure you are utilizing the appropriate A2P channels for high volume traffic.
4790 destination-rejected-sc-not-allowed Carrier Rejected Due to Short Code Restriction Carrier Rejected Due to Short Code Restriction. Destination address blocked by the mobile operator, destination cannot receive short code messages, or the mobile operator blocked the destination from receiving messages from this short code for some other reason.
4791 destination-rejected-campaign-not-allowed Carrier Rejected Short Code Campaign Not Allowed Carrier Rejected SC Campaign Not Allowed or blocked by the mobile operator
4792 destination-rejected-sc-not-provisioned Carrier Rejected Short Code Not Provisioned Short Code not provisioned on the mobile operator's network.
4793 destination-rejected-sc-expired Carrier Rejected Short Code Expired Short Code expired with the mobile operator.


A 5xx code indicates that either Faith Teams or the downstream carrier has reported a service failure. For Faith Teams failures, the customer can retry the request and expect a different result. For carrier errors a retry may also yield a different result however the customer should limit to a single retry attempt as the error encoding schema and strategy varies greatly by carrier and while Faith Teams endeavors to normalize carrier codes into predictable values there can be exceptions.

5100 temporary-app-error Application Error An application within the Faith Teams service is experiencing a temporary error that is preventing the message from being processed.
5101 temporary-app-shutdown Application Error App going down. Message not received. Sender should send this messages later or to other host.
5106 impossible-to-route Impossible to route / Attempt to deliver through retries has failed. Impossible to route / Attempt to deliver through retries has failed.
5111 temporary-app-connection-closed Application Error Received messaged for connection which is already removed.
5201 temporary-rout-error-retries-exceeded Application Error Faith Teams service expired the message after attempts to deliver through retries failed.
5211 temporary-app-error-app-busy Application Error Faith Teams service application is temporarily busy so it cannot receive messages at this time.
5220 temporary-store-error Application Error Message not received. Cannot save message to store.
5231 discarded-concatenation-timeout Application Error Faith Teams did not receive all parts of message. Message can not be sent.
5500 message-send-failed General Message Send Failure The destination carrier has reported a general service failure with sending the message.
5501 message-send-failed General Message Send Failure The message is unable to send as no destination is available.
5999 unknown-error Unknown error from Faith Teams Unknown error generated by Faith Teams when Faith Teams core reports an unknown error.


5600 destination-carrier-queue-full Carrier Service Unavailable Carrier Service Unavailable. This could result from network congestion, messaging queue full on the vendor side, throttling error on the vendor side.
5610 submit sm-or-submit multi-failed Carrier Service Failure The downstream carrier application is experiencing an error. submitting the message has failed or cancelling message has failed
5620 destination-app-error Carrier Application Error The carrier is reporting a general error associated with their application processing the message.
5630 message-not-acknowle Carrier Application Error NACK – no response or acknowledgement received from the carrier
5650 destination-failed Carrier Service Failure Carrier Service is reporting a failure to send to destination (mobile operator or handset).


9902 delivery-receipt-expired Timed out waiting for delivery receipt. The reason a delivery receipt was not received is not known. Faith Teams timed out waiting for the delivery receipt, this could be because the downstream provider did not send the requested delivery receipt or they sent after the system timed out at two hours.
9999 unknown-error Unknown error from downstream. Carrier reported a failure code that is unknown to Faith Teams. Faith Teams does not recognize the vendor’s error response or does not have the vendor code mapped internally