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Song Files

You can create Song Files, which can be added to your Service Plans, giving your worship team all the resources they need.

You Song Library

To see your Song Library:

  • From the menu, click “Events”, then click “Songs”
  • You can search your library by typing a few letters of the Song Title or Artist
  • You can also filter using Song Tags (Style/Category)

Adding a New Song:

  • Click the Blue + Symbol
  • Input the information for the song you are adding
    • Title
    • Artist
    • Details
    • License
    • Duration (used when creating the timeline in your service plan)
    • BPM
  • Choose a TAG/Category if you wish
  • Click “Save”

Adding Resources to a Song File (Attachments):

You can add Resources (Documents, YouTube videos, iTunes tracks) to any Song File, giving your band & worship team exactly what they need to prepare and perform the song.

Click on the Name of the Song, then add resources in the “Attachments” section.