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Syncing your Calendar with other Calendars

  • Click “Calendars”
  • Choose “Add External Calendar”
  • Paste the URL of your External Calendar in the “iCal” format
  • Next…Click the “Verify URL” button.
  • Verify the title, and then click “Save” to add this calendar to your church’s Faith Teams account

When you do this, Faith Teams will sync with that calendar, and you will be able to VIEW events from that calendar from your Faith Teams account. You won’t be able to MODIFY events from an external calendar from within Faith Teams, but it DOES let you view the items from those calendars.

NOTE: Faith Teams will automatically sync them each day, but you can force it to sync “on-demand” if needed by clicking the “3-dots” beside the calendar, then clicking “Sync Calendar”.

Sharing your Faith Teams Calendar:

To SHARE your Faith Teams Calendar with someone, or if you just want to be able to view your Faith Teams Calendar in a different calendar platform that you use, Click “Share Calendar”, to copy a link that you can use to add your Faith Teams calendar to other calendar platforms, such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar or Apple Calendar.