Make the Switch

…to the Faith Teams 2023 Update!

We are so excited about this New Version of Faith Teams and can’t WAIT for you to see it!

A Few Notes before you Jump in

  • You will still be able to revert back to the previous version for a period of time
  • Your database, people, families, events, service plans, teams, contributions, and user permissions will carry over to the new version
  • Because of the major upgrades in FORMS and Follow-ups (now called “workflows”), you will need to Re-Create your Forms and Build Workflows for your Automated Follow-ups
  • The new Calendar works a little differently.  You can add your Google Calendar events, and you can add your Faith Teams calendar to your Google calendar, but there isn’t a “2-way” sync.  Meaning, you can view events from one calendar to the other, but you cannot update events from one on the other.

One More Thing… (IMPORTANT)

OK… Ready to Go?

Click below and Login with the same Login Info as always