Easily Group People Together

Within Faith Teams database, you can create TAGS to group people together, which makes it easy to find and communicate with a specific list of people.

Create Unlimited Tags (no limits), such as:

  • Trustees
  • Student Camp Registrants
  • Women’s Conference Attendees
  • Staff
  • Leadership Team
  • Interested in Growth Track
  • However you want to group people together, simply create a TAG.


There are a few different ways you can Tag people:

  • Manually Tag people one by one.
    • Go to their profile page, and Add a Tag in the Tags section.
  • Mass Tag lots of people at once
    • From the People Lists, check the check box for all the people you want to Tag, and Mass Tag all of them at once.
  • Automatically Tag from a Form
    • You can set up a form so that everyone who completes the form is automatically Tagged.
      • Example: Create a form to sign-up for a Men’s Conference. Every person who completes the form can be Tagged “Men’s Conference 2023”


The big benefit of using Tags is being able to quickly access a list of people with a certain Tag and engage with them.

Here are some examples:

  • Send Texts & Emails to people with a certain Tag
  • Download or Print a List of people with a certain Tag
  • Create Automated Follow-ups whenever a Tag is added to a Person
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