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Easily Group People TogetherTags - Church Database

Within your church database, you need the ability to group people together.

With TAGS, you can group people together however you want.


Examples of using TAGS

You can create as many Tags as you want (no limits), such as:

  • Group Leaders
  • Women’s Conference Attenders
  • Summer Youth Trip
  • Interested in Growth Track (July)
  • Trustee Board

Literally any way that you want to group people together, simply create a tag.


How to TAG people

There are a few different ways you can Tag people:

  • Manually Tag people one-by-one.
    • Go to their profile page, and Add a Tag in the Tags section.
  • Mass Tag lots of people at once
    • From the TAGS screen, check the check box for all the people you want to Tag, and Mass Tag all of them at once.
  • Automatically Tag from a Form
    • You can assign a Tag to a form, so that everyone who completes the form is automatically Tagged.
      • Example: Create a form to sign-up for a Men’s Conference.  Every person who completes the form can be Tagged “Men’s Conference 2021”


How do Tags help?

The big benefit of using Tags is being able to quickly access a list of people with a certain Tag and engage with them.

Here are some examples:

  • Send Texts & Emails to people with a certain Tag
  • Download or Print a List of people with a certain Tag
  • Create Automated Follow-ups whenever a Tag is added to a Person



Faith Teams is passionate about providing flexible software because we know churches are different.  TAGS is one of the most widely-used tools in our software, because it allows you to group things the way YOU want to.

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