3 Reasons to CALL Everybody

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Recently, our entire staff was tasked with something that seems incredibly simple on the surface, but it turned out to be so meaningful. The task was simple.


Not text, not email, not “like” their photo on Facebook, but CALL.  It was a huge task!  There are thousands of names in our database which translates to thousands of phone calls.  But, we wanted every person to hear a voice on our staff – a voice that could pray with them and ask if they had any needs.

One of my conversations went like this…

“Who is this again?” a grandmotherly voice asked. I had been working through the list of numbers in our church database, and Susan was the number I had just dialed.

“I’m the campus pastor at Christ Church Ruston”, I said, but now a little unsure if I had the correct number.

“Well you know, honey, I don’t attend that church, but I have attended a small group there.”

It was beginning to make sense now, Susan didn’t know who I was because I wasn’t her pastor.

She continued, “You know, I might not go to church there, but I can’t tell you how much it means that you called and checked on me. I haven’t heard from anyone except family.”

Susan and I finished our conversation with a prayer, but when we hung up the phone I couldn’t get my conversation with her out of my mind.  There are a variety of reasons why Susan hasn’t heard from anyone outside of her family, and I’m sure they’re all good reasons.  However, I’m thankful that our church leadership approached this season with an intent to make sure that everyone in our database was contacted.  I know this concept is elementary – I know it seems incredibly simple – but here are:


1. Everyone has Different Needs

So many times, we assume that everyone feels the same way about a situation.  The truth is that everyone of us see current events through the lens of our own perspective.  In each conversation we had, there was a differing perspective.

Some were more worried about the virus than others. Some were understandably frightened.

There were those that had lost their income, and some were worried about paying their mortgage. Some had even lost loved ones to COVID-19.

The easy question is “How can I pray for you?”  It’s much more messy to ask, “How can we help?”

In order to make sure every person felt resourced, appreciated, and loved, we needed to be willing to jump into their individual need.

2. Everyone has Different Commitment Levels to the Church

We knew as we called thousands of individuals that some of them were committed and contributing members, but some of them were irregular attenders at best.  We decided that wherever these people fit in that spectrum, our approach would be the same.

Our commitment to them didn’t reflect their commitment to the church.

Our hope is that everyone, regardless of their previous commitment level, felt a deeper connection to their church family.

3. Everyone Deserves it.

Some haven’t it made it back to the church building yet.

That’s okay. The church isn’t the building but the fellowship of believers.

Every person deserves our contact and intentional step toward relationship and fellowship.  Relationship is a two way street.  As a church leader, I lead by example – even in building relationships.  Which people?  Here is a list:

  • The crazy ones.
  • The needy ones.
  • The small group leaders.
  • The self-proclaimed saints.
  • The non-givers.
  • The church-hoppers.
  • The “this is my seat” ones.
  • The potential leaders.

Every person in the church database deserves a contact, not because of the value you’ve assigned to them, but the value that God has placed on their life.  God has given us a responsibility to lead, care, and help those he has brought to our churches.  Whether we face a pandemic, feast, or famine, our mission stays the same.

Historically speaking, the church has always flourished in the face of adversity.  I pray that we all take the intentional steps we must in order to build the Kingdom of God.

by Amos McFalls

Pastor at Christ Church Ruston

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