3 Simple Church Growth Tips for 2023

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As we go into 2023, there’s no shortage of things you COULD do, but as Church Leader, what you desire most is growth!  Not just numerical growth – You want to grow larger, stronger, and deeper.  But, in order for growth to happen, there are some very foundational things that you SHOULD be focusing on.

Sure, you have some departments that need more attention, maybe some weak spots in your strategy, or some team members who need more training… All of these things (and a thousand more) are important, but at the end of the day, if you want to see GROWTH, here are “3 Simple Things” that are so important as Foundational Pieces of 2023 for your church.


Seems basic, right? Well, that’s sort of the whole point! Prayer is at the core of our foundational beliefs, as Christian individuals. So, in that same way, as Church Leaders, it should be of UTMOST importance to have a strong prayer team integrated in your systems and covering your church.

We understand that, even though some people may see us as a version of superman because of the positions we are in, we have our own sets of struggles that can only be withstood through the power of prayer. From trying to lead your congregation well, to managing finances, to finding a good ministry/home balance – we all need to be covered.  Honestly, you’re going to have major decision every week, adjustments that need to be made, and crisis’ come up regularly. You NEED to be covered.

The Prayer Covering for us as leaders, our staff and team, our church services and efforts – It shouldn’t be ACCIDENTAL or RANDOM – It should be done INTENTIONALLY.

If you don’t have a strong prayer team covering everything you do as a church today, I challenge you to make this one change and see if it doesn’t make a WORLD of difference for you and those you lead. God will always honor us, if we are faithful in prayer.


If there’s one thing that stuck out to me from my time as a church consultant, it’s that they needed a PARTNER – somebody in the trenches with them as they led their church.

I noticed early on that this was a key determining factor in how much I would be able to help a church succeed. After learning this, I began asking churches this question, early in the process: “Who is the church that is (1) within driving distance from you, (2) a few steps ahead of you as a church, (3) that you like their style/beliefs, and (4) that you’ve asked to help be your guide?”

Because the simple fact is that every church needs a PARTNER – a Mentor Church who has already been most of the places they are trying to go.

You will constantly have decisions to make, problems to solve, and challenges to overcome. There’s no better way to ensure growth than to have somebody in your corner who has already done it, who can brainstorm with you, and who can help you. For growth, you need Vision and Courage – and those things come from not walking alone.


As you know, if there’s one thing that’s predictable in this ministry life, it’s unpredictability! You don’t have to try hard to think of more than one thing that has caught you off-guard over the last few months (or maybe days – lol).

There’s one thing that’s for sure – as much as we try to forecast, 2023 will not go as planned.  God is the only one who knows everything that will come at you this year.

So, Persistence is KEY!

You’re on the front lines of GOD’S Mission for your city.  Families are depending on your ability to KEEP GOING and STAY FOCUSED.

Stay Guarded. Stay Prayerful. Stay Connected. Stay Focused.  Take a little break when you need it, but STAY Persistent!  As Paul did, fight the good fight and run the race set before us.

Wherever you are right now, whether 2022 has been great or disappointing, 2023 can be a strong year for you and your church!

God wants you AND your church to grow.

Do these things and watch God work!

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