Online Giving

Church Giving SoftwareWith Faith Teams, online giving is free and easy.

No third-party tools needed. We give you everything you need in one single system.

Everything you Need in one system

With Faith Teams, your online giving is connected directly to your church database. This is HUGE.  With many church management software systems, you have to use a third-party online giving service and keep the data synced together. With Faith Teams, it’s all in one system. This saves you so much time and headache trying to keep your data together. When somebody gives, whether by text, online form, etc it’s automatically recorded in their profile.

Five Ways to use Online Giving

      1. Your Church Website
      2. Our Free Mobile App
      3. Text-to-Give
      4. Kiosk
      5. Custom Forms

Your Church Website

Your church will have it’s own Giving Form, which you can embed directly on your website. Our form builder allows you to match the colors, and build a form that matches your website theme.

Simply embed the code into your website, and people will be able to click a button and give to your church.

Website Giving Form

Our Free Mobile App

Our Free Mobile App is available to your entire congregation. (Get it Free Here)

Once they download the app, they can create a free account by clicking “I Need an Account”. Once they create and activate the account, they’ll be able to add their preferred credit or debit card, or link their bank account if they wish. There are only a few steps to getting setup.

Once they’re setup, they can give by simply opening the app and clicking GIVE, and inputting their 4-digit code. They even have the option to “Cover the Fees” if they wish. It’s really simple to setup and use.

Mobile App - Faith Teams Giving


One of the most popular features in today’s church is Text-to-Give.

When you signup for Faith Teams, you can get your own unique LOCAL phone number dedicated to your church. Next, you can select the Keyword you want people to use for giving via text. For example: “Give”, “Gift”, “Ofrenda”

After setting up your account, people can donate in 2 easy steps:

  1. STEP 1: Send a text to your churches dedicated number. (For example: Text “Give $100”)
  2. STEP 2: Send a response to confirm which fund or offering you are giving to. (For example: Text “Give $100”)

It’s that Easy! Our team is happy to help you get this setup, so don’t worry. : )

Text to Give


This feature is becoming more and more popular. Place a Tablet/iPad on a stand in your lobby where people can donate one-time gifts without creating an account.

It’s an opportunity for people who may not have cash or check, but love the support their church. The Kiosk setup is easy and a convenience that many people will take advantage of.

Mobile Giving Kiosk

Giving Forms

You can create a customized signup form for an event, conference or retreat and accept a payment directly through the form. You can brand these with your logo or a banner, and manage all the payment and signup activities, including a clean registration list for events.

You can post this form on your website, send it through text or email, or post it to your churches social media channels. (Find out more about Custom Forms HERE)

Custom Sign Up Form

Transaction Fee’s – Costs

There are No Monthly fees and No Setup fees to use Faith Teams Online Giving tools. It is 100% Free to use for your church if you’re a Faith Teams user. However, there are some transaction fees, which is true no matter what software your church uses.

Here are the costs:

  • No Monthly Fee
  • No Setup Fee
  • 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction
  • 1% ACH + 30¢
  • AMEX 3.5% + 30¢ per transaction
  • Includes Text-To-Give Phone Number
  • Donor can “Cover the Fees”
  • Reporting and Statements included at no cost
  • No Contracts

No Credit Card Required

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