Attendance Tracking & Kids Check-In [VIDEO]

Attendance Tracking & Kids Check-In - Walk-thru Video

Track Attendance for all your church services and events, setup Kids Check-in and easily print name tags for kids and parents.

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Child Check-In is a great way to provide some controls around getting students checked into their classes. Faith Teams can help with our Check-In feature

  • Provides Both Child and Parent Label Printing with a matching Security ID on the parent & child label.
  • You can enforce that certain data is capture before you are allowed to check-in and print the label
  • You can customize the label to print certain fields from the child’s record onto the label
  • The printer and labels are generally simple, low-cost, and supported on Windows and Mac computers.
  • Child Check-In assumes an attendee today. There is no self check-in feature, or unattended check-in.


Here are the basic guidelines to get setup:

Class and Label Setup:

  • Login to Faith Teams, and select and Event > Calendar > Check In and click on a class that you want to activate labels for
  • Click the ‘Check In / Label Setup’ button
  • Check the box next to “Do you want to print labels upon Check In for this class?” and select your printer
  • Select whether you want to print the time/date for the class OR the check-in date/time on the label
  • Add up to 3 fields you would like to print on the label.
    • Default fields printed will be First & Last Name, Class Name, Date/Time and Security Identifier
    • You can add Standard fields (Gender, etc.) or custom fields (Allergies, Authorized Pickup by, Potty-Trained, etc.
  • Check the box ‘Do you want to require certain information is capture for checkin?’ if you want to make sure that information is required before a child can be checked in. It will enforce these fields as “required” if they are selected.
  • Once setup is complete, simply click the “check in” icon next to the student’s name. It will ask you to fill in any missing data that has been required, and once the data requirements are met will show a green checked-in icon, and print both a child and matching parent label.


Check In Label Setup

Check In Label Setup

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