How to handle “Concerns” that show up

How to handle "concerns" that show up

Over time, it’s inevitable that you will get a background check that says “CONSIDER”.  That means there is information to be reviewed and a decision needs to be made by your leadership on the candidate results.


How should you handle these “concerns”?
  • From the “Tools & Admin” menu tab, click “Background Checks”.
  • From the box in the top-left of the screen, click on “Complete Consider”.  This will give you a list of the reports that have come back with data you should “consider”.
  • From the list, click “Actions”, then click “View in Checkr”.
  • Once you review the findings in Checkr, you can decide how to proceed with that person. 


NOTE: Your church should have clear, non-biased criteria for making employment and volunteer decisions.  Candidates have protections which vary by state, and in some cases by city.  At minimum, you want to consider:

  • The nature and gravity of the offense or conduct.
  • The time that has passed since the offense, conduct and/or completion of the sentence.
  • The nature of the job or volunteer-role held or sought.
  • The person may be joining the media team, and their report shows some old parking tickets.  In that case, you will probably approve the candidate by selecting “Engage” in the Checkr dashboard.
  • In other cases, a person may be joining the Kid’s team, and their report shows theft within the past year.  This would likely preclude the candidate.  In that case, select “Pre Adverse Action” in the Checkr dashboard to begin the process of notifying the candidate.  The candidate will be notified and does have a minimum of 7 days if they want to respond.



Additional Resource: For best practices on how you should consider using Background Check information for your church, take a look at this article from Checkr:  https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/563548/Checkr-Aug2015/Checkr_BestPracticesCriminalRecord%20(1).pdf

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