Setting Up Online Giving

Setting Up Online Giving

Before you can use any of the features with Faith Teams Giving, you need to setup and activate Online Giving for your church.

Step-by-step instructions are below. You will need the legal information of your church (according to the IRS) and some personal information for an Owner/Legal Representative of your church.

NOTE: The financial data for your church will not be reported to the IRS for this person; this is simply for validation of your account and protection from fraudulent activity.  Also, this information is not stored within Faith Teams, and it will not be visible to anybody once the information is entered into the system. Our payment processor runs a background check to check for illegal activity and to validate the account.

Complete the 6-Steps Below to Activate and Setup Online Giving:

Church Online Giving Setup - Step 1

Step 1: Get Started

Go to “Tools & Admin” in the menu, and select “Your Church Profile”.   Then click “Setup Online Giving”.

Church Online Giving Setup - Step 2

Step 2: Activate

Click the button to Activate Online Giving in your account.

Church Online Giving Setup - Step 3

Step 3: Church Tax ID Info

  1. Input the Official Registered Name of your church, and your Federal Tax ID / IEN
  2. Click “Update” for this section.

Church Online Giving Setup - Step 4

Step 4: Church info

  1. Input the Address, City, State, Zip Code, Phone Number and Website for your church. 
    • NOTE: If your church doesn’t have a website, you can use the URL from your church Facebook Page as an alternative. 
  2. Click “Update” for this section.

Church Online Giving Setup - Step 5

Step 5: Legal Representative Info

  1. Input the NAME & Personal Info of a person who is a legal representative of your church. 
    • NOTE: Some people are nervous about inputting their SSN.  We do not retain this info anywhere.  It is simply for validating the authenticity of your account.
  2. Click both “Terms of Service” links to review the Terms, then check the check boxes beside each. 
  3. Click “Update” for this section.

Church Online Giving Setup - Step 6

Step 6: Bank Info

  1. Choose the Entity Type
  2. Input a PERSON’S Name who is on the Bank Account
  3. Input the country, bank account number, and routing number.
  4. Click “Update” for this section.

As you successfully complete each section, it should not be RED any longer.  If you are missing data, or if any data is incorrect, you will be prompted to try again. 

If all the sections are no longer Red, you should be Ready to Go!

If you have any problems working through this setup, please contact us and we will help you resolve any issues you are having.

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