Using the Service Planner

Using the Service Planner

With Faith Teams, you can create a complete itinerary of your church services or events. You’ll have a line-by-line plan including the times and details of songs, speakers, prayer times, etc.

To use the Service Planner:

  1. Click on the ‘Events’ tab in the menu.
  2. Click “Calendar”.
  3. Click on the event you want to make a plan for.
  4. In the pop-up screen, click “Plan”. This will open the service planner.
  5. If you already have one or more service plan templates saved, you can click “Load Template”. Otherwise, you will start adding items to create your plan.
  6. Click “Add item” in the top right of the planner.
    • You can add a generic item, which you can use for anything
    • You can add a song from the song library, which will include all the resources included in that song file: Chord charts, YouTube links, iTunes links, etc.
    • You can add a Section Header, which will help you organize your service plan neatly.
    • You can even add a Section Header for any Pre-service line items, such as a Countdown or Pre-Roll.
  7. Once you add the item to the plan, you can input the estimated amount of time this item will take, and any details you want to include. Simply click on the field and input the details you want to include.
  8. After you have added all the items you want to complete the service plan, you can save the plan as a template to use later.
  9. Also, you can download the plan instantly email the plan to all the people who are scheduled to serve at that service. To do this, click the “Download/Email Plan” button.

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